Who did this!?

Sim-plistic is a small time company located in Turkey led by T. Cem Alpaydın, and so far has been working relatively small projects at times within a select group for small time profit. While most projects are revolved around a single person, most content is aimed to be fun, innovative and targeting the general viewer.

How Do I Come Along?

While there would be several ways to be a part of the work, in order to join a team to work with us, first you must know a lot about this work may be subject to change, and you will need your appropriate degrees, a pretty good level in the english language and samples of your own work at your time of submission. We rely on trust, creative and “out-of-the-box” thinking, hard-work and aspiration. You may leave an application, with or without a letter or a few words you may want to add any time, through the contact form.

We Have Opinions!!

You have something to say or opinions to be heard? You can always submit a letter through the contact form, about almost anything.