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Game – Descendants of the Dogmatic: Threshold

Dotd: Threshold is a 3d point n’ click adventure! A rework of the original Amiss 13: the Curse, which never got released. Step into the darker world of an extraordinary outcast. Join select characters in their adventure to redeem themselves and survive the outer world. Website, Store Page

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Sim-ple CBS Bundle

New CBS package bundle is out, you can now buy all the CBS games at once at 20% reduced price. This bundle will keep including the entire set of CBS games in the future.

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The fate of “Amiss 13: the Curse”

With the release of both CBS titles, the game “Amiss 13: the Curse” which had to be cancelled for release due to technical issues and emergent developments in content material came to be the subject for a new title to be released. As and when CBS: Desolation’s next major patch comes to a conclusion, there will […]

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Indie Pages Shutdown

Indie site pages for sim-plistic are shutdown. Sales will be strictly on non-indie suppliers from here on.

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CBS Eftm 1.5.0 Patch Notes

 Early madness driven cargo penalty halved UI improvements, pc version does not require energy to perform track runs Cosmetic skins require 16000 kreds to purchase both. Mystery box action now relieves all harmful cargo when used. (Used to require targeting, single too) Relieve attempt succession is now announced and animated Stats are now capped at […]

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CBS Eftm coming to PC

The delicious awesomeness that is pure tastiness which you probably have yet not heard of is now  on PC! Install this fine mini game that is a “CBS” title to your PC in just a few easy steps! Webpage, Steam

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Asset Pack: Simple World Material Textures

Basic tileable textures for world building. Useful for terrain layers or tiled materials. Build: 1.0 Unity Asset Store

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CBS: Desolation 1.1 Patch [Invasions!]

With 1.1 game is now complete, there will be more updates very soon, such as multiplayer support. You can find the patch notes here.


NFT Collection for Sim-plistic Products!

Now selling NFTs, partial content from the CBS games and more from upcoming titles too on These collections will include avatars, animated or otherwise 3d models and possibly in-game rewards too. CBS: Desolation CBS: Eftm 3D

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Game – CBS: Desolation

Build, defend your sanctum, gather resources and populate in this post apocalyptic simulated survival game. Links: Steam, Website